Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Features that you should look for in a Home Gym

Believe it or not, buying the right home gym is not as easy as it looks! It can be mind boggling not only for you, but an experienced fitness expert can also find it hard to pick the right machine for his gym. People often get confused when they see the huge assortment of home gyms according to their brands, types, and functionalities. What important is you pick a home gym that takes you where you want to go. We are different from each other, so we definitely need different home gyms to get in proper shape. If you want to stay stress free, read my post and try to find these features in home gyms, when you go to market.

Must Satisfy Your Needs
You must first set your goal and then choose the exercise equipment that will take you to the place where you want to be. Say, if you look forward to burn fat and tone up your body, you should be looking for a power rod machine, similar to a Bowflex. If you love action movies like Commando, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger starred, you might want to get leverage machines or even plate-loaded machines like Powertec. If you want a little of both, you would like to get traditional weight stack machines which are made by Bodycraft and BodySolid brands. The best home gyms will take you to your goals quite efficiently and speedily.

Fits well in your fitness arena

When it comes to sizes and shapes, the variety is humongous! While acquiring home gyms, it is necessary that you take the available space into consideration. You must know the correct dimensions where you want to place that particular machine. Make sure that you leave 2 – 3 feet of free space from either side of the machine so that you can move freely during your workout. Home gyms with stationary pull up/chin up bars, should be given at least 1 to 1-1/2 feet from the top. If the home gym uses free weights or weight stacks, you will definitely need to add like 6 feet in its workout space dimensions.

Must be easy to move

Home gyms, that are not heavy in weight, are always desirable. Machines having transport wheels or which can be folded to be stored in smaller places are considered better. If you live in an apartment or a small condominium, power rod home gyms, as they are very light in weight, will suit your place the most.

Functionality of the equipment

The number of exercises that you can perform in a home gym is also an important aspect! Check functionality of the equipment... If you are a beginner, see if it offers you a total body workout as this is going to be the best choice for you.


That is important. A good warranty means the machine is made up of quality material. It is imperative as in some cases the body parts of a particular model are not easily available. Nowadays, home gyms are built with more electronic components. Lengthier warranties for these machines are desirable, as with just a little malfunction of their digital part the machine may collapse or stop working.